Saturday, April 17, 2010

Resourcefully For You - Virtual Assistance

After much thought and also reading of the following article, the decision has finally been made to start my very own online Virtual Assistant Business.  I have over 20 years of various office and administrative business knowledge and experience ranging in everything from production offices to housing and much more.  I wanted to continue to use my skills and to help others and what better way is there to do that than to share what I know, so I decided to start my own virtual assistant business.   For the beginning, I am looking to take on small projects and on a part-time basis, so as to give my full and utmost attention and detail to each job while beginning my new business venture.  Essentially, I won't be doing much anything differently, with the exception that I will be doing work for you now as well too!  So without further adue, I give you... Resourcefully For You, Virtual Assistant
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Who can use a VA? Everyone! Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant can increase productivity, reduce costs and save you and your company time.

Virtual Assistants, also known as VA’s, have been around for more than 10 years and in this day and age, utilize the technology era. They are highly qualified, experienced business owners who basically do the same work as a typical Secretary, Personal Assistant and Office Administrator combined. Many VA’s are College or University educated in business and office administration with work experience in an office setting. Some VA’s have even added VA Certification to their list of credentials.

So what’s the difference between a regular Secretary, Personal Assistant, Office Administrator and a Virtual Assistant? The main difference is that a Virtual Assistant is just that, Virtual! A VA completes your projects or tasks at his or her home office, using his or her own equipment, and carries out the work through email, fax, telephone and postal service. Therefore, the location of your VA is not important.

The type of services that a VA offers varies. Services include general administration services, database and web site development, graphic design, sales support, presentation preparation, telephone answering, bill payments, travel arrangements, bookkeeping, desktop publishing, computer training, medical/legal transcription… the list is endless! Not all VA’s offer all of these services. However, by being part of VA Networks, your VA can guarantee client satisfaction by a qualified VA. If your VA cannot complete your task, she will find a VA who can.

The benefits of outsourcing to a qualified VA are plentiful. VA’s only charge for actual time worked. VA’s use their own equipment so there is no wear and tear on your office equipment or a need for special equipment. By outsourcing to a VA rather than hiring an in-office assistant, you will never need to pay employment insurance, vacation pay, sick pay, or contribute to retirement plans and worker’s compensation.

There is no cost for training new or existing employees; VA’s are already qualified. There is no need for extra office space; VA’s do everything from their home office. There's no need to worry about in-office employees requesting time off; VA’s are available when you need them. Like you, VA’s are entrepreneurs and understand the needs of businesses today, ensuring the success of their clients. VA's value each and every client; it is because of these clients that VA’s can ensure the success of their own businesses.

How else can outsourcing to a VA save you money? Often VA’s offer special discounts to new clients and to existing clients they offer free service hours in return for referrals. Many VA’s even offer monthly retainer plans that not only ensure their availability but also save you money. VA’s are experienced individuals with the ability to catch mistakes made in-office, not only saving your business money but also protecting your business reputation.

And for those in-office employees that you cannot go without, a VA can take a little of the never-ending workload or less-important projects off their shoulders to ensure you, as a successful business, maintain your quality reputation and increase employee productivity. So the question really should be, why not outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

Contributed by Stacey Baillie of VC Virtual Creations. Call Stacey at 1-866-692-1412 or email her at Virtual Assistance for All Your Business & Individual Needs!

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Definition: A Virtual Assistant (VA) is, in most cases, an entrepreneur who works from their home office. A virtual assistant usually has had experience working in the real business world as an administrative assistant, office manager, paralegal, etc. Virtual assistants provide administrative, secretarial, and clerical support, as well as creative and/or technical services for a client.

There are online associations which provide educational opportunities for virtual assistants, lists of virtual assistant businesses, and helpful information for the virtual assistant community. There are large web-based companies that will match up virtual assistant's to businesses looking for assistants, or smaller localized virtual assistant firms looking to hire अस्सिस्तान्ट्स.